This One Thing Will Help Your Salon or Barbershop Stay Relevant


Would you agree that at the most basic level, every salon and barbershop offer the same thing: mirrored stations (or suites), lighting, backbar/shampoo area, a place for your tools, dryers, bathroom, reception area? That's the list. And that may have been difficult to read--especially if you just invested in an expensive remodel and @takarabelmontus chairs, but this is how today's stylists think . . . 

and what they tell us at #ShearShare.

So how do you stand out amongst the crowd and get professionals to fill YOUR empty stations? 🤔

Listen to 26-year industry veteran and ShearShare CEO @drtyecaldwell talk about the one thing that changes the game for owners and is the reason why #cosmetologists and #barbers choose to work out of your four walls versus the #salon or #barbershop next door. 😏 


Dr. Tye Caldwell
Dr. Tye Caldwell

Dr. Tye Caldwell is the Cofounder & CEO of ShearShare, the first on-demand salon and barbershop space rental app. A 26-year industry veteran, master barber-stylist, and salon and barbershop owner, Dr. Tye is recognized as a tech visionary and industry pioneer. His mission is to help beauty and barbering professionals around the world maximize their earnings potential. Listen to his small business wisdom for cosmetologists, barbers, and owners on the ShearShare Youtube channel.