Is Sharing the New Law of Business for Beauty & Barbering?


Trust. Agility. Efficiency. Community. These are time-tested characteristics upon which any good business is built. But we’re not talking about global consumer big business. We’re talking about its more nascent counterpart: the sharing economy—which is projected to grow to $335 billion globally by 2025, and the scope for further widening its geographic reach expected to remain immeasurable. From beauty and healthcare to real estate and transportation, even end-of-life planning is being imprinted by sharing models. But the idea of a mutually-beneficial relationship is not a new concept. On the contrary, “sharing” has simply been adapted to the way businesses are choosing to progress and win in this current technological landscape. With an estimated growth of 2,133% by the year 2025, what is the real impact of the sharing economy on traditional businesses?

Read this Indian Management cover story written by our ShearShare cofounders that discusses the impact on both small business and global giants. Is there room for us all?

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Dr. Tye Caldwell
Dr. Tye Caldwell

Dr. Tye Caldwell is the Cofounder & CEO of ShearShare, the first on-demand salon and barbershop space rental app. A 26-year industry veteran, master barber-stylist, and salon and barbershop owner, Dr. Tye is recognized as a tech visionary and industry pioneer. His mission is to help beauty and barbering professionals around the world maximize their earnings potential. Listen to his small business wisdom for cosmetologists, barbers, and owners on the ShearShare Youtube channel.